Vision and Mission

More than two-thirds of the experiences and learning opportunities that shape a child’s life occur outside of the classroom. Graduate Tacoma is taking a community-wide approach to ensure that every child has access and opportunities for quality learning. Kids need the community at different times. Graduate Tacoma is about reaching them when and where they need us.

Vision: A Tacoma where every child succeeds in school, career, and life.


Mission: To build and strengthen Tacoma’s community-wide movement to help every child achieve success from cradle to college and career.


EQUITY. We believe every child has the capacity to be successful with the right resources and support.

TRANSPARENCY. We share data and information to influence and improve outcomes for our youth.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We trust in collective ownership and shared responsibility.

COLLABORATION. We believe in collaboration as the best pathway to achieving our goals.

INCLUSION. We are strengthened by diversity and inclusive of all community voices.

BOLDNESS & COURAGE. We are ambitious because our students deserve nothing less.

OPTIMISM. We celebrate Tacoma as a place people choose to live, learn, and lead.

INNOVATION. We test and try new ideas and actions.