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What Gets Measured Gets Done

Graduate Tacoma collects and synthesizes data according to 17 cradle-to-career student and community indicators. The resulting Impact Report is unveiled each spring and then used to guide collaborative action in our various networks throughout the year.

The reports below contain the data as well as narrative that helps to put the numbers in perspective. In past years, we have published a printed appendix – downloadable below – as a way to dig deeper. We now publish that detailed data online and you can view it here for 2017.

For previous years reports, visit our resources page for more information.

Community Impact Reports

We invite you to take a closer look at the data. We have made positive changes that affect kids today and for their future.  But our work is not done. Still too many children fall behind or get off track.  It is up to all of us to find them, reach them, support them and close these gaps so every child succeeds in Tacoma.