State of Public Education

Investing in Tomorrow's Possibilities


Collaborative Action Consortium

We’ve heard your calls for more collaboration, and we’re excited to introduce the Consortium – a collective of Collaborative Action Networks. Bringing together partners across the cradle-to-career pipeline, the Consortium marks a new era of intentional, strategic partnership in service of our shared mission.

Building for 2030

By 2030, 70 percent of Tacoma Public Schools students will earn a degree, technical certificate, or gain a good-earning wage employment opportunity within six years of high school graduation. Targeted efforts will focus on students of color and those impacted by poverty.

Pierce County Pathways

As a community, we believe it’s our responsibility to create support systems for student success. Pierce County Pathways is a coordinated system of supports enabling postsecondary success and economic mobility for all students.

The Great Reset

Making the Case is a series of reports surfacing the process, research, and learnings of our work. Dive into our latest report to learn how we arrived at our 2030 community goal. Get insight into the process, research, and engagement spanning two years. 

Empowering Data Driven Decisions

Community members are making informed decisions as a result of data transparency and access. We provide a trusted source of  student-level data for partners to best impact and influence outcomes for youth. 

Make an Impact

Your investment is critical to building and strengthening our community-wide movement to help every child achieve success from cradle to career.