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Your Future. Your Vision.

Let’s Map It – Together.

Take a moment to share your post-high school dreams with us and get a personalized coach to help you make them a reality. You’ll receive the very best guidance on your What’s Next.

  • College application and communication
  • Financial aid and paying for your education
  • Resume writing and job search
  • Job training programs and pre-apprenticeships
  • Mentoring and more

5 minutes can change everything.

Completing the survey enters you in a $50 gift card drawing.

The first 100 responses will receive a $10 gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, only seniors from Tacoma Public School and Franklin-Pierce school district are eligible to take this survey.

That is totally normal! There are so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. We have supportive people on-deck to chat through the possibilities with you, when you’re ready.

Of course! Some of the people we have on hand are career navigation experts who can help you find a training program or pre-apprenticeship or who can help you with your resume and cover letter. If you’re interested in taking a gap year or traveling, we also have people who can help you plan and strategize.

YES! We have supported students dealing with housing issues, child care needs, documentation and paperwork-related issues, and other resource-related challenges. We may direct you to other services or resources, but someone will be able to help you navigate the challenges you are facing.

Even if you don’t need help right now, taking the survey means you have access to a support network and resources throughout the year AND after graduation in June. It can also help us plan events and resources for your school that are custom to your senior class!


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