The Tacoma STEAM Learning Network is expanding equitable access, interest, experience, and success in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) for all Tacoma students, particularly girls, students of color, and those impacted by poverty.

Network Values


Students are exposed to the sciences using resources not often accessible to underrepresented populations.


Provide equitable science learning opportunities, especially for BIPOC students and girls.


Measure how to translate data into quality and accessible STEAM opportunities.

Story of STEAM

The Tacoma STEAM Network was established in 2016 becoming one of the most recent networks of the Graduate Tacoma Movement. It is a part of a state wide STEM network called Washington STEM, which is a collection of directors across the state that support STEM work at different regions. Some are embedded within schools and others are placed at community based Organizations (CBO’s). The work of Washington STEM focuses on career pathways, early learnings, K-12 education, and STEM in underrepresented populations.

STEAM Workgroups

Tacoma Math

Career Connected Learning


Our Impact

Two little girls sitting at a desk, doing their homework; little girl practising math using abacus while doing homework

Early Math Engagement

The network partners with Zeno Math to provide hands-on math kits to families and professional development for caregiving adults who serve our youngest citizens. “Math Around Town” videos share that math is everywhere and for everyone.


Career Connected Learning

We’ve partnered with the Tacoma Public School career and technical departments and Local 26 Union to provide hands-on experiences for students to explore pipefitting and plumbing careers.

Vertical portrait of two smiling car mechanics chatting in garage shop, focus on young woman in workwear

Teacher Externships

We offer workshops and training to educators in high-demand STEM fields so that they can connect students to those career pathways. Recently, Marine Science and Mechatronics, Civil, and Environmental Engineering.

Tacoma Math

A shared community goal to create a culture of love for Math, equipping to support early STEM and connecting math to real-world concepts for school-age youth. Explore, discover, enjoy, and celebrate the connections between math and the community around us.

Working Towards 2030

The STEAM network is very connected to the greater Graduate Tacoma 2030 goal as it recognizes in order to provide post-secondary STEAM access and career pathways for students, we must provide early and equitable access to career-connected learning opportunities that focus on STEAM learning. We recognize that this starts at the earliest level of engagement with our youngest learners in 3rd Grade Math. We must continue to evaluate and close any achievement gaps in students to ensure access to STEAM opportunities, especially for BIPOC students and girls.