Collaborative Action


A collective of Collaborative Action Networks, the Consortium brings together cradle-to-career serving organizations and community members for resource sharing, partnership, and strategy alignment. These efforts help impact laws and policy, inform funding opportunities, and ensure that decisions are made with those impacted in mind.

  • Cross-sector discussions to foster robust, systemic dialogue
  • Opportunities to partner on shared priorities and initiatives
  • Alignment of goals, strategies, and resources across networks
  • Data and partner insights to identify opportunities for intervention and lessons learned

Connection is Key

Being in the know is more than just a convenience—it's essential. We're committed to ensuring that each partner is equipped with the latest information and can seamlessly align with the group's collective vision.

Partnership Directory

Many of our partners express a desire to better understand the wealth of resources and expertise within our community. By contributing your information, you become an essential piece of a dynamic network.

Agendas & Notes

Stay in the loop! All partners can access meeting agendas and notes to stay updated and have essential reference materials. Ensure you're always informed by checking back for the latest details.

A History of Innovation for Tacoma Students

For over a decade, Graduate Tacoma’s Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) have brought together cross-sector partners to address education needs along the cradle-to-career continuum.

  • Tacoma College Support Network forms to address high school graduation and college enrollment numbers.
  • Out-of-School and Summer Learning Network forms to address equity in student services during out of school time.
  • Early Learning and Reading Network forms to improve kindergarten readiness and reading
  • STEAM Network forms to increase access and success in STEM fields
  • Graduate Tacoma Advocacy Network forms to advocate for systems-level change

Consortium network partners have been instrumental in catalyzing and scaling strategies that support historically underserved youth. This space remains one of innovation, partnership, and community perspective.