Policy Platform

Our 2023 policy platform lays out a comprehensive set of policies and investments that respond to the educational impacts of COVID-19 and invest in the future of our youth. This platform aims to ensure that all students across our PreK-12 and postsecondary systems are on the path to achieving success in school, career, and life.

Legislative Check-in

Join our weekly check-ins during the 2023 legislative session for updates on the state legislature and advocacy opportunities. These brief meetings are open to any interested individual or organization.

Our Impact


College Bound Scholarship

Now processing as an automatic enrollment opportunity! College Bound students are committed to improving their high school performance and pursuing a college degree. Students must be in the 8th-12th grade during the program year and enrolled in a public or public charter school.

Graduate Tacoma Community Impact Forum at STAR Ct.         Photos by Russ Carmack

Policy Advisory Committee

A cross-sector advisory table of subject matter experts, passionate community leaders, and policy specialists who have been the decision making body for what FFTS advocates for and why.

A statewide coalition of backbone intermediaries committed to collective advocacy and more integrated and equitable investments for youth from cradle to career.

Working Towards 2030

Centering the voices of those directly impacted by policy changes ensure that our policy wins are not only effective, but equitable and inclusive as well. As we look into the next decade of our work, we will continue to prioritize relationships with community partners at all levels and across sectors to understand needs and perspectives, and ensure that policies are designed, adopted and implemented equitably. We will invite and integrate the experiences and input of impacted communities into all phases of our policy work, because we know that policies created by well-intentioned experts are not good enough if the process doesn’t include the people who will ultimately live the impact. And we will focus on building our partners’ capability and capability to engage in policy work and make impactful change.

Advocating for Change

After nearly a decade of working towards achieving equitable results for our community, the Foundation for Tacoma Students began, for the first time in 2018, explicitly advocating for public policies. While our work up to that point centered around shifting practices and behaviors through programmatic interventions, we realized that sustainable gains can only be achieved through policy change. These two strategies working in concert – changing practices and shifting policies – are what lead to systems change.

Policy Advisory Committee

Ben Mitchell

Director of Policy & Advocacy, Foundation for Tacoma Students

April Shine

Director of Advocacy & Policy, WA Cradle to Career Advocacy Network

Gray Sterling

Assistant Director of Policy & Planning, WA Student Achievement Council

McKinley McPheeters

Project Coordinator, Pierce County Early Childhood Network

J.R. Nobles

Executive Director, Friends of the Children

Andrea Cobb

Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jake Vela

Senior Policy Analyst, League of Education Voters

Nicolas Carr

Intergovernmental Affairs Manager, Tacoma Housing Authority