Partnerships with Purpose

Expanding Pathways to Postsecondary Success

The Washington Student Achievement Council has granted the Foundation for Tacoma Students $1.2 million to increase postsecondary access and completion across Pierce County. With this funding, we are building a coalition of partners to:

Our partnership aims to create the necessary pathways for students in Pierce County to achieve 70% postsecondary attainment by 2030.

Three-Tier Engagement

Partners are categorized into three tiers based on the level of student engagement their services offer.

Financial Aid Access

Assisting with FAFSA/WASFA completion and identifying aid opportunities

A nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering better health and wellbeing for current and future generations. Committed to being a leading community partner, its primary focus lies in advancing the field of Imaging Sciences. The Foundation not only promotes Imaging Sciences as a pivotal career for health enhancement but also enhances accessibility to medical imaging services and fosters workforce growth. Through its Education Fund, the Foundation supports budding professionals in the Imaging Sciences domain, offering financial aid, scholarships, mentorships, job shadowing, and residency prospects.

Alchemy Skateboarding leverages the transformative power of skateboarding to empower youth. Challenging outdated stereotypes linked with skateboarding, the organization underscores its virtues of resilience, creativity, and determination. Partnering with entities like Tacoma Creates, Metro Parks, and Pierce County Juvenile Court, Alchemy Skateboarding delivers diverse programs, ranging from skateboard camps to job training internships. Its holistic approach is crafted to resonate with students’ unique needs, offering enriching experiences that can positively shape their futures. Based in downtown Tacoma, they operate a skatepark and shop to further their mission.

Imagine Justice Project (IJP) is a catalyst for strengthening youth development and community healing, aiming for a more just future. Focusing on three core initiatives, IJP spearheads the Youth-Serving Agencies Network (YSAN) to foster collaboration among groups aiding court-involved youth, enhancing collective outcomes. They also oversee 20 AmeriCorps members working at YSAN partner organizations, providing a career gateway especially for those familiar with the juvenile justice system. Additionally, IJP leads Peace Point, a Pierce County collaboration, championing community-led approaches to ensure youth safety.

The R.I.S.E. Center is a beacon of hope for underserved individuals across all life stages, guiding them on a journey from dependence to interdependence. They offer a three-pronged approach to support. First, in their “LIFE” phase, they collaborate with various partners to address immediate needs and nurture a holistic sense of literacy. Next, in the “LEADERSHIP” phase, they provide a plethora of courses, workshops, and mentorship opportunities designed to unlock new horizons and enhance financial stability. Beyond these stages, the center offers a comprehensive suite of services including mental health support, literacy classes, substance counseling, and more. Their impact resonates deeply in the community, particularly with their successful efforts in reducing homelessness, as numerous clients have found homes through the center’s grant-funded housing department.

A dynamic, grassroots organization driven by the queer and trans people of color, particularly echoing the voices and experiences of the Queer and Trans Pacific Islander (QTPI) community in South King County. Originating from the community’s unique challenges and undeniable resilience, UTOPIA Washington has ceaselessly championed empowerment, facilitating access to resources, employment, housing, higher education, and culturally tailored healthcare. Through collaborations with QTPI leaders, they’ve curated a haven that not only caters to immediate needs but also paves the way for expanded life and career avenues. This space fosters unity, social justice advocacy, and the holistic well-being of the Pacific Islander LGBTQIA+ community.

Cirkled In is a distinguished online platform championing College and Career Readiness for K-16 students. Serving as a comprehensive hub, it empowers students with a spectrum of educational and employment avenues, ranging from internships and summer roles to scholarships and college placements. The platform’s efficiency allows students to directly apply for myriad opportunities through their personalized profiles. With its immense popularity, many schools have integrated Cirkled In as an essential element for high school graduation, viewing it as a robust augmentation to existing curricula aimed at college and career preparedness. Its offerings enable schools to assist students in cataloging their achievements, presenting a polished professional profile, centralizing access to opportunities, easing the Work-Based Learning process, and diminishing the administrative burdens of teachers and counselors. 

Mi Chiantla is steadfast in its mission to combat substance use by championing academic and technical excellence, particularly for children hailing from low-income and BIPOC backgrounds. They achieve this through a diverse palette of programs encompassing STEM education, music, arts, and recreational activities. Mi Chiantla envisions a world where these children not only attain academic and technical excellence but also find a sense of belonging, transforming both their lives and their communities. By collaborating with Mi Chiantla, students develop social-emotional skills, critical thinking abilities, positive decision-making, cultural awareness, and a profound sense of community and belonging.

The Funding College Project is a dedicated initiative focused on discovering and implementing methods to financially support educational pursuits, encompassing school and post-high school activities. The organization excels in unearthing monetary resources, notifying individuals of existing opportunities, fostering connections, and assisting with application processes for awards and prizes. With several decades of experience, they’ve cultivated a vast network of collaborators committed to student success. They play a pivotal role in honing student credentials and facilitating their aspirations. Often working behind the scenes, the Funding College Project serves as a steadfast ally, unbounded by timeframes or aspirations. Their influence resonates not just in college graduations, but also in budding enterprises and mentorship, solidifying their status as a national beacon of support for students.

At its core, the Priceless Inspiration Foundation champions the creation and delivery of restorative services aimed at nurturing transformational leaders, leveraging a culturally sensitive educational tool. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of different environments, they offer tailor-made implementation models that foster enduring growth. The Foundation’s distinct approach to addressing educational inequities zeroes in on the holistic well-being of those at the forefront. With a guiding compass of justice, racial diversity, equity, and inclusion, the foundation embarks on what they deem as essential human work—equipping professionals with the necessary tools to elevate their efficiency and effectiveness in their respective roles.

A dynamic movement, uniting compassionate souls determined to serve as a formidable voice for the marginalized—those suppressed by abuse, low self-esteem, neglect, and human trafficking. They endeavor to dismantle barriers, illuminate obscured truths, rally communities, and counteract misleading narratives and stereotypes. RPS is driven by empathy to spread hope and equip others with tools for resilience

A dedicated consulting entity aimed at amplifying the environmental and social footprints of both individuals and organizations through intentional endeavors. Offering a suite of services, including strategic planning, program creation and evaluation, facilitation, and educational ventures, they stand out with their unique integration of mindfulness programs. Anchored in the conviction that present-focused attention, combined with kindness and impartiality, can lead to innovative solutions for daunting challenges, Strategic Nature weaves a mindfulness-centric ethos into every facet of their work.

For over six decades, TYSA has been a beacon of music education, touching the lives of countless youths, families, and members of the community. Located in the South Sound region, their offerings range from a comprehensive symphonic program to a plethora of free hands-on music engagements. Beyond musical skills, TYSA emphasizes cultivating essential social-emotional attributes in youths, such as empathy, perseverance, and conflict resolution, as well as professional traits like teamwork, leadership, and community responsibility.

Continuing Education Transition

Offering guidance on academic and apprenticeship options and career planning

Write253 is a literary arts and printmaking organization whose mission is to provide meaningful and transformative writing and artistic opportunities for teens and young adults in greater Tacoma. In partnership with Foundation for Tacoma Students and the Graduate Tacoma network, they will be offering free college application and scholarship essay writing workshops for youth who are in the process of applying for post-secondary education.

Workforce Transition

Facilitating the transition from education to the workforce through resume help, job searches, training programs, and local opportunities

The Student Aid and Scholarships department at Clover Park Technical College is dedicated to consolidating financial aid in alignment with CPTC’s overarching mission: attracting and maintaining a diverse student body. The SAS team prioritizes active and intentional outreach to both potential and existing students, emphasizing the importance of comprehending the application and reapplication processes for financial assistance.