Partnerships with Purpose: 70% by 2030

Expanding Pathways to Postsecondary Success

The Foundation For Tacoma Students is one of eight regional partnerships awarded a Regional Challenge Grant from the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). With this investment, we are building a coalition of partners to:

Our Focus

Our partnership aims to create the necessary pathways for students in Pierce County to achieve 70% postsecondary attainment by 2030. We will achieve this by bringing together regional stakeholders and systems leaders to accelerate postsecondary success by pooling resources, sharing best practices, and aligning efforts toward a common goal.

Collectively, partners can begin solving problems, expand community voice and engagement, and decide where and how to invest to generate better outcomes. This collaboration and coordination are key to building the momentum and political will required for changing systems.


We also hope to continue this work next year for another 18 months. We will engage partners in expanding two key program that support students in achieving their post-secondary goals:

Campaign Free Aid

A coordinated effort to support students and families navigating the financial aid application process.

What's Next

Coordinated community response connecting students to tailored advice, resources, and support for informed postsecondary planning and decisions.

Three-Tier Engagement

Our partners are embedded within and reflective of our community in need. Each partner actively contributes to a community learning agenda and plays a critical role in scaling navigational support to school districts across Pierce County. Together we are tackling down Financial Aid Completion, Continuing Education, Workforce Development. 

Community Based Organizations

  • Palmer Scholars

  • Enhanced Prep 

  • Write 253 

  • Northwest Education Access 

  • West Sound STEM Network 

  • Asian Pacific Cultural Center

  • Tacoma Youth Symphony

  • Alchemy Skateboarding

  • Priceless Inspiration Foundation

  • Mi Chiantla 

  • Cirkled In 

  • RISE Center

  • TRA Medical Imaging Foundation 

  • Imagine Justice


  • Funding College Program 

  • Tacoma Urban League

Higher Ed 

  • Clover Park Technical College

  • Pacific Lutheran University

School Districts

  • Tacoma Public Schools

  • Franklin – Pierce Public Schools

  • Peninsula Public Schools