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Investing in Tacoma: Info Sessions

We are thrilled to announce a new and game-changing investment into the larger Tacoma community aimed at deepening and scaling partnerships for student success. This month, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $2.5 million to be invested over the next two years into increasing the capacity and capability of the Graduate Tacoma community-wide movement! The Foundation for Tacoma Students will direct these new funds into three investment areas: Community Partner Capacity & Capability; Data Capacity & Capability; and Postsecondary Access & Completion. Click one of the below times to [...]

Investing in Tacoma: Info Sessions2019-09-06T10:59:07-07:00

Big Wins in Olympia as Legislative Session Concludes

Dear Graduate Tacoma Partners,   With a flurry of last-minute activity the state legislature has officially closed the 2019 session. We are thrilled to report there was positive action taken on all five of our 2019 Advocacy Priorities.    Before going into policy details, the Foundation for Tacoma Students would like to humbly thank the Graduate Tacoma Community for supporting us as we rolled out this new capacity and more importantly for supporting Tacoma students through policy change. It was because of your numerous phone calls, emails and social media [...]

Big Wins in Olympia as Legislative Session Concludes2019-09-06T11:20:31-07:00

Partner Spotlight: Ready to Rise

This piece was featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report.  “Ready to Rise is a leadership opportunity for students to join a cohort of high school graduates who will be attending the same college as them. Students transitioning into college are often not prepared to handle the social dynamics of this new environment. Time management, dorm life and encountering new personalities can feel overwhelming. Here, students come together during a community retreat where they meet others from Tacoma and start to bond. We provide leadership and college preparation training in the [...]

Partner Spotlight: Ready to Rise2019-09-06T11:03:14-07:00

Partner Spotlight: College-Ready, College-Bound

This piece was featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report.  “The Higher Education Readiness Opportunity (HERO) builds college awareness in 9th and 10th grade students at Foss, Wilson and Mt. Tahoma High School. We personally and academically support students to overcome barriers to college readiness while exposing them to career and college opportunities. We help 9th grade scholars understand the importance of grades once you’re in high school and practical things they can do to keep them up. Our 10th grade program includes test preparation and a more-pronounced emphasis on college [...]

Partner Spotlight: College-Ready, College-Bound2019-05-01T14:12:19-07:00

Partner Spotlight: Celebrating Each Other

This piece was featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report.  “The theme for Oakland High School’s first prom is Under The Stars. This is a big deal for students because it’s the first out-of-school special event where they get to dress up and have a traditional high school experience. We don’t have sports events, homecoming or pep assemblies at Oakland, which has taken away opportunity for students to get to know each other outside of class. Since Oakland has kids from all over Pierce County, it is hard for them to [...]

Partner Spotlight: Celebrating Each Other2019-05-01T14:13:58-07:00

Partner Spotlight: Leveling the Playing Field

This piece was featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report.  “Some students get nervous when they know they have a big test coming up, so the more exposure they have to the material, the more comfortable they feel — thus helping alleviate test anxiety and building confidence. Providing opportunities for test prep helps students become more familiar with what to expect on the actual test day. This year, students had the opportunity to prepare for the SAT by attending a webinar-style workshop provided by Enhanced Prep, which offers students test-taking tips [...]

Partner Spotlight: Leveling the Playing Field2019-05-01T14:14:45-07:00

Partner Spotlight: Spending More Time

This piece was featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report.  “In 2011, Lincoln High School earned a state innovation designation for its work piloting Lincoln Center, a “school within a school” providing students with 450 extra instruction hours over the course of their high school career. Due to the proven success of the students who voluntarily participated in Lincoln Center, all of Lincoln High School has since adopted the extended day, homework help and academic advising model. Lincoln 2.0 amplifies student success with more challenging coursework, designated time for career exploration, [...]

Partner Spotlight: Spending More Time2019-05-01T14:15:31-07:00

Partner Spotlight: Mentoring for Success

This piece was featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report.  “Big Brothers Big Sisters provides stable, caring adult mentors for children and youth living with adversity, starting them on a path to resilience and success. Over time, these relationships balance out the effects of hardship, giving children a way to thrive despite the challenges they face. Last year, Big Brothers Big Sisters served 195 kids in Tacoma and Pierce County. While no two children are alike, here are a few factors that affect our kids:     84% are eligible for free [...]

Partner Spotlight: Mentoring for Success2019-05-01T14:16:17-07:00

Partner Spotlight: Offering Extra in School

This piece was not featured in the 2019 Community Impact Report. “As Dean of Students at Mount Tahoma High School, I work in partnership with our school administration and counseling team to support the needs of students and staff across the building. One effort I have been involved in to provide additional student support is offering monthly Saturday School for our students. On these days we have instructional and counseling staff come in to provide students with extra academic instruction along with the opportunity to make-up tests and assignments. We would [...]

Partner Spotlight: Offering Extra in School2019-05-01T14:21:23-07:00

Intro to STEM Careers with RAIN Incubator

“RAIN’s mission is to grow the biotechnology industry in Tacoma. We want to increase accessibility and show kids, no matter what their background, that this is a possible path for them. We had about 50 students from Stewart Middle School visit our facility on DiscoverU Day, a district-wide career exploration event for students of all ages. We wanted them to see what a professional lab was like so we set up miniature activities for them to move through. They held tools in their hands and got a sense of what [...]

Intro to STEM Careers with RAIN Incubator2019-11-08T16:34:37-08:00