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Shaima Shamdeen is the Communications Coordinator at the Foundation for Tacoma Students. If you have news or stories you'd like to share with the Graduate Tacoma community, reach out to her directly at

Planning for a Career with Next Move

Christian Isaac is a youth program director at the YMCA. It’s a career path he didn’t know he wanted until enrolling in one of the first cohorts of the Next Move internship program. The Washington State Legislature is considering raising the enrichment levy lid, which will help plug a $30M budget shortfall for Tacoma Public Schools. The Next Move internship program is one of many enrichment programs that those levy-dollars have previously funded. Through Christian Isaac and students behind him it’s also a bright example of collective impact at its [...]

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Partner Spotlight: Kim Keith of Hilltop Artists

Kim Keith is the Executive Director of Hilltop Artists, a role she has held since May 2017. She is also on the leadership team for the Out of School and Summer Learning Network (OSSLN), which she joined her first week as ED. Since becoming a partner she has served on the review committee for Summer Access Funds, helped plan and implement the Summer Learning Tour, and routinely provides guidance and support for the content and facilitation of the monthly OSSLN meetings. In this Q&A Kim shares why she is [...]

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Centering Youth in Local Government

Stella Keating speaking at a recent meeting of the Mayor's Youth Commission While attending Tacoma’s first Mayoral Candidate Forum on LGBTQ+ issues in 2017, then-candidate Victoria Woodards met a sixth grader with a clear vision for her community. “Youth are not included in the decisions and policies that impact our daily lives,” says Stella Keating, the now eighth grader who became the impetus for the Mayor’s Youth Commission, formerly the Mayor's Youth Taskforce. “Most adults don’t see kids and teenagers as leaders. I want that to change.” Announced [...]

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Rodney Raccoon: Your New Favorite Children’s Book

Rodney Raccoon: Special Delivery follows Rodney and friends as they explore the wonders of the Dome-A-Roma Science Museum. They must find clues hidden through the woods, under the sea, and in the Arctic dome that will lead them to their final destination. The book is currently available for purchase on the WayOut Kids website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Graduate Tacoma Partner and member of the Early Learning & Reading Network, WayOut Kids has reached over fifteen million children since establishing in 2006 through community outreach and the development of [...]

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