Announcing Our 2030 Community-Built Goal

Collaboration across systems and sectors is deepening and the alignment of resources that serve more students is scaling, reaching students that have often been overlooked or passed up. This is the power of the Graduate Tacoma community movement.

In partner with sector leaders, Collaborative Action Network partners, youth, young adults, residents and parents alike, we believe that:

By 2030, 70 percent of Tacoma Public Schools students will earn a degree, technical certificate, or gain a good-earning wage employment opportunity within six years of high school graduation. Targeted efforts will focus on students of color and those impacted by poverty.

What we know is that success will require meaningful cross-collaboration and alignment, data sharing and accountability, targeted resourcing, advocating for racially just practices, and maintaining progress on all indicators, cradle to career. 

How are work together over the next decade to collectively advance our efforts to support every child succeed in school, career, and life requires meaningful input from each of you. To that end, we ask that you help us  inform the indicator establishment process by taking the 2030 Indicator Reset survey. 

With you help, we hope to establish the right fit measurable indicators that hold us all accountable for achieving the newly established 2030 community-wide goal. We need your input to ensure we track the right data to drive equitable student outcomes and institutional accountability.