• Dual Credit refers to the percentage of students taking one or more courses eligible for college credit. Historically, this indicator measured students enrolled in rigor courses; rigor courses are a subset of dual credit courses and specifically refer to Running Start, AP, IB, and CIHS classes. Our indicator shifted to measuring dual credit participation in 2018 when the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction moved to this metric for Washington state. 
  • For Tacoma Public Schools students, this dashboard encompasses dual credit metrics, rigorous courses and certain CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses. This data visualization also allows viewing how many students are enrolled in any CTE course, whether or not that CTE course qualifies as dual credit, as reported in TPS raw grade files.
  • “Overlapping identities” calculated by creating 0/1 binary value for Free and Reduced Lunch, non-White students, Special  Education, and English Language Learners, then summing these values. “0” overlapping identities indicate a non-FRL, non-Special Education, English-speaking White student. “3” indicates a student has three of these four values.