Student Access & Technology Fund

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The digital divide is real, far-reaching, and for the first time, unavoidable as we consider our role as a support system for students.

We know that virtual classrooms will never replace the in-person teaching that Tacoma youth deserve, but in this time of crisis, we must come together to remove as many obstacles as possible to their education. As our community responds to the ongoing school closures, it is increasingly apparent that hundreds of families do not have the internet bandwidth or devices necessary for the students in their households to participate in this new online learning environment.

That is why the Foundation for Tacoma Students has partnered with Tacoma Public Schools and local internet provider, Rainier Connect, to help get laptops and internet into the homes of Tacoma students. We are asking you to help us build on our existing funds, so that we can expand our reach and serve more families because the reality is that every student deserves access to technology, and we can’t do it without you.

With a donation of $100 or more, you can be the reason another kid logs in and sees their classmates again — virtually.

How It Will Work


We can now arrange free high-speed home internet service for many students’ households who currently do not have access. These connections will be for up to 1 year at no cost to those who receive them. They are prioritized for students who have the most need, based on graduation requirements, advanced classes, and a lack of existing connections at their residence. This service is in addition to the nearly 50 local free high-speed wifi locations now available and listed on the Tacoma Learns website.


Recently, the Tacoma Public School district distributed 2,500 laptop computers to students most in need of technology in order to ensure their successful completion through important transition points and academic markers such as high school graduation, AP classes, etc. However, there are many more students who do not have a sufficient level of technology to ensure they can fully participate in the new online education systems and achieve a successful outcome. At this time we are seeking to meet this through the purchase and distribution of new technology, laptops, tablets, etc. 

Give Today

Schools may be closed. But that shouldn’t stop learning.

Join the Graduate Tacoma community-wide movement, and help connect students with the technology they need to keep learning. Donate today to the Student Access & Technology Fund below:

Contact William Towey for further information at: or 253-304-2423.