• Eighth Grade Math refers to the percentage of students who earned a “C” or better in Algebra or Geometry. This dashboard also allows certain views to be filtered by students who passed (earned a “D” or better in Algebra or Geometry).
  • In prior years, we reported Eighth Grade Math from the TPS Strategic Plan Dashboard, which was in the process of rebuilding during the creation of our dashboard. We now use TPS raw files, which has led to several percent adjustments in rates. We have been unable to validate this with TPS as of Summer 2020 due to the COVID crisis

  • “Overlapping identities” calculated by creating 0/1 binary value for Free and Reduced Lunch, non-White students, Special Education, and English Language Learners, then summing these values. “0” overlapping identities indicate a non-FRL, non-Special Education, English-speaking White student. “3” indicates a student has three of these four values.

  • While we have aggregated grade data going back to 2011, we only started receiving student-level data in 2015. Our new dashboard, therefore, only tracks grade-related indicators back to 2015. Please visit our legacy dashboard for older information.

  • Rates based on fewer than 10 students (n<10) are suppressed to protect student privacy. Source: Tacoma Public Schools
  • For more information about our methods and data, please visit our Data Logic & Schema document.