The Graduate Tacoma community-wide movement has a long-standing history of partnership and collective decision-making. Our work is organized and mobilized by Collaborative Action Networks. These networks consist of partners from local organizations and institutions who meet regularly to address indicators and advance large-scale efforts to build, sustain and strengthen cradle-to-career strategies across the community. 

Out of School & Summer Learning

OOSSLN is dedicated to increasing equitable access and enrollment in out-of-school and summer learning opportunities. We use data to drive targeted action and make high-quality program training available to all community program providers. 

STEAM Learning

The Tacoma STEAM Learning Network is expanding equitable access, interest, experience, and success in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) for all Tacoma students, particularly girls, students of color, and those impacted by poverty. 

Tacoma College Support

TCSN is dedicated to increasing the percentage of Tacoma Public School graduates, especially students of color & those impacted by poverty, who enroll in a right-fit post-secondary degree or credential program & gain good-wage earning employment within six years of high school graduation. 

Graduate Tacoma Policy

Our policy efforts aim to elevate the Tacoma community’s voice to advocate for local, regional, and state policies that will disrupt long-standing inequities. We advocate for the reallocation, prioritization, and protection of public resources; and equitable funding to support marginalized students and families.