A Strong Opening Week in Olympia

COF23 group photo
The Washington State Legislature has kicked off the 2019 Session, and there is a lot of momentum to be excited about! Four of our five Advocacy Priorities have been included in Governor Inslee’s Budget this year. We also received local news coverage that shared our concerns for the school levy cap. We are thrilled to begin a strong campaign on behalf of all Tacoma students.

What to expect from us:

  • Weekly email updates about policy movement, upcoming hearings, events and votes.
  • Text action alerts as issues take bill forms and move through the legislative process. Click here to provide your cell phone information.
  • Social media stories — We urge you to keep checking out our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Re-share stories, messaging and news to your social networks.
  • We are ALWAYS here to answer any questions you may have! Reach out!

Plus, Advocacy Day!

  • Join us for this year’s Graduate Tacoma Advocacy Day in Olympia on Wednesday, February 13
Thank you for all you do for our community.