A shared community goal of changing the culture of mathematics in Tacoma. Explore, discover, enjoy, and celebrate the connections between math and the community around us.

Math Walks

A math walk is a great way to see the connections between math and the community around us.


Download the GooseChase app on the App Store of Google Play and search #TacomaMath for scavenger hunts that can be played anywhere. Check your local COVID-19 park guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Sidewalk Chalk Puzzles

Sneak in a little extra fun and take learning outside with sidewalk chalk puzzle games. Practice number sequence, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more in a way that’s colorful and creative. Search #TacomaMath for puzzle ideas or find them located throughout the city. 

Early Math

Counting games are a great way to help early learners build and develop their skills at home. Use these cards to explore math concepts with your child, at any age, anywhere. Continue the conversation by asking your child to identify things around them by size, shape, and color. 

Talking about Math