Establishing An All-In-One Student Portal For Postsecondary & Career Resources

This blog series spotlights the ten policy recommendations from our latest Making the Case Report: A Policy Blueprint to Increase Financial Aid Uptake. Each week, we’ll focus on a key strategy designed to increase FAFSA/WASFA completion and financial aid attainment.

While we explore these specific policy recommendations, our team will continue to track and report on the broader legislative landscape. We’ll keep you updated on bills related to student-centered policies throughout the 60-day session. For a real-time update of relevant bills, please visit our 2024 bill tracker.

In Washington, simplifying the journey to postsecondary education is crucial for increased enrollment. The current digital landscape of career and college resources is cluttered with redundant online tools, hindering effectiveness to its most important audience: students. This policy recommendation suggests a streamlined solution—integrating existing tools into a single, localized online hub.

Policy Recommendation #3

Combine existing but scattered tools into a one-stop resource for career exploration, college information, career connected learning, and financial aid in Washington state.

Providing clear and consistent information that clarifies the steps to postsecondary education will have a positive impact on enrollment. There is wide recognition of this, and multiple on-line tools tailored for Washington students already exist. However, current tools overlap and are redundant, which reduces their effectiveness. An achievable nearterm project is to integrate existing tools into a single on-line resource that can serve as a one stop-shop for career exploration, college information, career connected learning, and financial aid. Washington should strive to emulate comprehensive, effective online resources such as and our own Washington Health Plan Finder.”

Current tools that could be considered for consolidation include:

  • Career bridge College and Career Compass 
  • Career Connect WA Directory 
  • Financial Aid Calculator 
  • WA Grant Gear Up virtual visit site 
  • WA State L&I Apprenticeship finder 
  • WSAC Loan Education Site


WSAC should coordinate the consolidation of such tools into a single, standalone website that helps Washingtonians achieve their education and career goals. The site could include features such as:

  • A career interest inventory tool to find careers that match skills, interests, and personality. 
  • Financial aid tools including an expected family contribution calculator. 
  • A college search tool to help individuals find schools that match their needs and preferences and introduces them to different kinds of degrees and institutions throughout Washington. 
  • A database of national scholarships that illustrates the scholarships available for Washington students, including the WA Grant, and where these scholarships can be applied.
Example is designed to serve as the central hub for college, career, and financial aid information and resources in Tennessee. The website features a broad range of resources relating to financial aid, career planning, and the college-going process.